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ACSJC Briefing

posted Sep 30, 2015, 1:40 PM by Sean Donovan   [ updated Sep 30, 2015, 1:46 PM ]

OCTOBER 2015    ISSUE 172


Welcome to the monthly news and information briefing from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, the social justice and human rights agency of the Catholic Church in Australia. This email contains highlights only. The full Briefing is online.





FROM THE SECRETARIAT: Boats 'have not been stopped, they've been sent elsewhere'

53,000 people embarked on dangerous sea journeys from the Bay of Bengal to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. 'They have not arrived here. They have however been at sea and moving, risking their lives, and in many cases drowning,' said Edmund Rice Centre Director and Refugee Council President Phil Glendenning at the launch of this year's Social Justice Statement For Those Who've Come Across the SeasRead more


ISSUES: ACSJC Chair welcomes announcement of 'generous' 12,000 extra refugee places

'Australia has a primary obligation to protect desperately vulnerable people, said Bishop Vincent Long, who called described former PM Tony Abbott's response 'generous' and a demonstration of the compassion of the Australian people.Read more


PUBLICATIONS: Social Justice Statement and resources available to order

The ACSJC website contains an order form for this year's Social Justice Statement on refugees arriving by boat. There is also a letter from the President of the Bishops Conference and summary material, and Liturgy Notes, a PowerPoint presentation and community and education resources. Read more


EVENTS: 10-13 October - Micah Challenge Voices for Justice

This is a great opportunity to gather with like-minded Christians from across Australia in worship, prayer, training and advocacy; raising a united voice to influence government policy for the benefit of the world's poorest people. Read more



NEWS: Pope's UN speech calls for support for marginalised

In his much anticipated speech at the UN headquarters, Pope Francis called on the countries of the world not to abandon those who are, in any sense, in the peripheries. Read more


DIARY: 17 October - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty has been observed every year since 1993, when the United Nations General Assembly designated this day to promote awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and destitution in all countries. Read more




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