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ACSJC Update

posted May 4, 2015, 2:43 PM by Sean Donovan



MAY 2015    ISSUE 167


Welcome to the monthly news and information briefing from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, the social justice and human rights agency of the Catholic Church in Australia. This email contains highlights only. The full Briefing is online.







FROM THE CHAIRMAN: Ordinary and most vulnerable need jobs and a safety net

In his Pastoral Letter to mark the Feast of St Joseph the Worker (available for download), ACSJC Chairman Bishop Christopher Saunders said that decades of exceptional growth have produced an economy strong enough to survive the global financial crisis, and even though it has slowed, we have the means to repair the economy and remedy our failure to distribute adequate wealth and opportunity to the most vulnerable. Read more




ISSUES: Thoughts and prayers with Chan and Sukumaran families

Church leaders have expressed sorrow at the execution of the two young Australians. President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Denis Hart said: 'When it comes to crime and punishment, we must recognise and honour the human dignity of both victims and offenders ... the imposition of the death penalty is cruel and unnecessary.' Read more




PUBLICATIONS: ACSJC Series Paper 76 - 'I was in Prison'

Dr Ruth Webber explores the work of prison chaplains serving prisoners, ex-prisoners and the families of all who are or have been imprisoned. She investigates the various ways in which chaplaincy is able to bring comfort to prisoners, meet their spiritual needs and provide practical help. Read more




EVENTS: 17 May - Jubilee Sunday

Each year, on the third Sunday in May, people across Australia unite in heart, mind and spirit to recall and be re-inspired by the ancient Old Testament principle of 'Jubilee'. As a congregation, a social justice group, a school group, a family or even as an individual, Jubilee Sunday is an opportunity to set aside time to reflect on our role in growing a fair, equitable and compassionate society. Read more




NEWS: Pope says workplace disparity a scandal, calls for equal pay

The 'disparity' between men and women in the workplace is wrong and women sould receive equal pay for equal work, said Pope Francis. 'As Christians, we must become more demanding in this regard: for example, [by] supporting with decision the right to equal retribution for equal work; disparity is a pure scandal'Read more




DIARY: 6 May 1992: Introduction of mandatory detention of asylum seekers in Australia

In 1992 the Federal Court was about to hear a challenge to the detention of 15 Cambodian asylum seekers who had been detained for two years. To forestall this, the Labor government introduced the Migration Amendment Act 1992, which became law on 6 May and was later followed by the Migration Reform Act 1992. Read more






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