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April events at Newtown

posted Apr 10, 2014, 10:26 PM by Sean Donovan
Hi all

Hoping you can make it to some of the great events at Newtown this month.

We begin with Creative Connecting - a spirituality of fun on April 5, 3-5pm

Easter Celebrations include Reconciliation on April 6 at 5pm and Easter party on April 19 after the Easter Vigil at 6pm.

Don't miss Living the Sacraments - Baptism and Confirmation - 1st in two part series on April 24 7pm.

Can conflict be transforming of ourselves and others - don't miss this chance to take a practical look at how to work through relationship tensions personnally or professuioally May 10, 3-5pm Find your compassionate voice. 

The big event for your diaries is James Alison, international speaker, May 26, 7pm exploring a roadmap for Catholics seeking a place for gays and lesbians in our church

FOR ALL THESE EVENTS AND MORE - go to the blog: 

Finding Voice: Conflict Transforming  
Peter Maher and John Bosman

Conflict is a part of everyday life. How do we respond to conflict?  How can we confront difficult situations in our lives?  When relationship tensions rise or something goes wrong we often react by apportioning blame, finding out who is responsible or trying to quickly dismiss it. This workshop will offer skills and knowledge to bring about an appropriate and life giving response rather than a potentially damaging reaction.  How do we find a compassionate voice?  What is happening in us and what is happening in the other person?  Can conflict situations offer an opportunity for personal or professional transformation through healthy strategies?  How can I find deep respect and dignity for myself and the other person?  We will offer some practical skills in healthy self awareness: responding with honesty, dignity and kindness.

Saturday May 10  3-5pm