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Claymore Foodbank Needs You

posted Nov 16, 2013, 9:39 PM by Sean Donovan   [ updated Nov 17, 2013, 11:46 AM ]
The Claymore Foodbank project run by the Saint Vincent de Paul and others needs volunteers during the week to help out and keep the Foodbank operating.

The Foodbank provides a bag of groceries each week to needy families and individuals at minimal cost.

Food that is on or near use by date and would normally be destroyed is donated so that people can benefit instead.

Without YOUR help the Claymore Foodbank will need to close.

Please contact Keith Percival at morning mass at St John the Evangelist Campbelltown or Br John Verhoeven on 0409 450 239.



For some years Claymore/Eaglevale St Vincent De Paul Society Conference has had the responsibility of running a good work - Caring for Claymore - at the Claymore Neighbourhood Centre, between the hours of  10.00am and 12.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays. I have been the administrator of this project for the past seven years, and have been responsible for maintaining a group of volunteers to man the centre, and for the bulk purchase of required food, from the Saint Vincent De Paul Food bank

The project has been set up to give emergency food aid to people of Claymore who find themselves in need.

Until recently the centre has been staffed
(1) On a Tuesday by an interviewer and a lady volunteer who packs the food.
(2) On a Friday by a second person doing interviewing together with the same lady who packs the food.

Clients are able to attend Caring for Claymore for emergency food once every six weeks, this is the general rule, however we would never turn away someone in genuine need. Food that we supply is generally canned and bottled food, together with such things as pasta, bread and milk.

Some two months ago a new lady has joined the centre on Tuesdays. She has arranged for Aus Harvest to donate fresh fruit and vegetables to the centre. She works with the people who run the neighbourhood centre.  She is not a Vinnies member but works in parallel with us on Tuesdays. For between $5.00 and $7.00 a person from Claymore is able to obtain bags of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a serving of meat. This has become very popular. However we do not need any volunteers to man the fresh food service, since it is not run by our conference and they have sufficient staff.

Due to unexpected circumstances there was a need for emergency staffing, and Mr Keith Percival, from Campbelltown Conference, rang me and volunteered to man the centre as an interviewer for the short term. John Verhoeven has joined him to assist. We will be running a drive in Eaglevale Parish in early January.

Ideally we should have a back up for both the interviewer position and the packer position.