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posted Feb 5, 2014, 6:41 PM by Sean Donovan
Welcome to 2014 faithworks@newtown

We are looking forward to a great series of events in 2014.  Our first major event will be Life Conversation with Chris Sidoti, past Human Rights Commissioner, and we have an exciting ecumenical Lenten Program.  See details and download flyers:

Chris will speak on

The future of Human Rights in Australia

Australia prides itself on being a global citizen, a champion of human rights and a leader in the international movement on human rights. Yet does our rhetoric match our reality? Historical inequalities based on gender, race, class, ability and sexual orientation persist. The culture wars of the 1990s are returning. There are conflicts about human rights themselves, as there have been for well over a century. And of course we pride ourselves on being ‘second to none’ in the awfulness of our treatment of asylum seekers and indigenous peoples. Can we still call ourselves champions of human rights? Who are we kidding?

And the Ecumenical 2014 Lenten Program will be on 'An Old Testament Approach to Jesus!'  See details:

There will be lots more so keep the blog bookmarked.  We will send updates monthly.
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See you soon at faithworks
Fr Peter