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MSJN Group Evaluation Exercise February 2014

posted Mar 7, 2014, 3:58 PM by Sean Donovan   [ updated Mar 7, 2014, 4:01 PM ]

1. Group Evaluation Exercise

Using the Group Evaluation Exercise from the Social Justice Handbook Resource document, at the February meeting the MSJN undertook an annual review of the MSJN goals and Vision. Here is a summary of the points raised.


What are we trying to do in the long and short term and how?

* Do, not just talk

* Find out what is happening, what groups are doing

* Identify local issues and raise awareness of these

* Maintain contact with media and local politicians

* Learn how other people/groups are handling issues

* InterFaith dialogue


What is our Shared Vision?

* Make the Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ known to all

* Be a poor church, for the poor – Pope Francis

* Create healthy families and healthy congregations

* Work together with other faith groups

* Find ways to achieve


What are we trying to achieve?

* Animate more people in Social Justice

* Ask “Is there an advocacy role”?

* Educate others about Social Justice

* Promote networks and access to services

* Raise and fix issues in the community


Have you achieved objectives?

* “No” to animation of more members. Lack of interest/support from “hierarchy” as too busy with other things. Perception or reality: “hierarchy” must do or delegate

* Positives: Guest speakers; Connection with local politicians; Aboriginal connection; Coal Seam Gas campaign;  Connections with other groups; Mailing list/database; Claymore foodbank/SVdP support


How do you feels about the aims and methods of the group?

* Not yet achieving in getting the message out

* Opportunity with network connections and mailing list/database

* Strategy: Break into small bits – cannot change the world overnight


Is the Group Sufficiently Open?

* Yes

* More publicity and action required


What do others think the group is about?

* Strange “lefties” talking about asylum seekers and Sea Shepherd

* Question: Confusion of “Social” with “Socialist”

* Question: How is “Social Justice” different to “Justice” in the legal system sense? Social Justice has to do with the structure of society

* "Unsure"

* Sometimes achieving in ways that others don’t notice – small incremental change


What do we believe is important?

* Know Jesus - treat people well

* Religious freedom

* Personal responsibility

* Family

* Address the issues of today

* Christian Faith

* A better future

* Care about people

* Be honest

* Addressing/combating media generated unreality



* Collaboration

* Treat others well

* See a need and act – St Mary Mackillop of the Cross

* Accountability

* Family

* Solidarity with/defence of the weak

* Lived Christian faith

* Setting values for youth