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Macarthur Future Food Forum Agriculture Statistics and Information

posted Mar 16, 2014, 2:03 PM by Sean Donovan
Macarthur Future Food Forum Agriculture Statistics and Information 

New South Wales (2011-12) 
Agricultural businesses = 44,000 
Total agricultural land = 60.6 million hectares 

Major activities = 
Wheat, 8.5 million tonnes 
Meat cattle = 5.5 million head 
Gross value of agriculture = $10.8 billion 
Highest grossing commodity = Cattle and calves, $1.6 billion 
Total water used for irrigation = 3,527 gigalitres 
Total area irrigated = 786,000 hectares
 (ABS 2011-2012) 

Camden (2005-2006) 

At the local government level, Camden ($11.1 million ) was, in dollar terms, the 5th largest producer of vegetables in Sydney and NSW. 

39% of NSW vegetable production occurred in the WSROC and MACROC regions of western Sydney.

 In 2005-06, Asian Vegetable production in the Sydney Statistical Division was worth $25.6 million, or 91% of NSW Asian Vegetable production. 

The largest value was found in the Camden Municipality, with $6.1 million, more than half of all Camden's vegetable production. 
(Industry & Investment NSW, analysis of agricultural commodities 2005-2006) 

Camden (2011-2012) 

408 people were employed in the Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing industry in the Camden LGA = 2.05% of people employed in all industries

 The Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing industry in the Camden LGA contributed a GRP of $26.4million = 1.17% of Camden LGA GRP 

RDA Sydney Metropolitan Region Economic Baseline Assessment February 2013 (years 2011-2012) 

Number and Size of Agriculture Industry in Camden 
Total number of agricultural hectares in the Camden LGA= 24,380= 0.27% of NSW total agricultural hectares 
Total number of Livestock = 960,365 = 1.46% of NSW total livestock 
Prepared for Industry & Investment NSW , Value of Agricultural Production Data (2005-2006, 2010-2011 Agriculture Census) 

Value of Agricultural Commodities produced in the Camden LGA 
$43,504,227 (2011 Agriculture Census) 
$26,401,648 (2005-2006 Agriculture Census)