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Review of Mental Health Services and Programmes

posted Apr 1, 2014, 10:24 PM by Sean Donovan
The Australian Government has asked the National Mental Health Commission to conduct a national Review of Mental Health Services and Programmes.

This review will examine existing mental health services and programmes across the government, private and non-government sectors. 

The focus of the review will be to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of programmes and services in supporting individuals experiencing mental ill health and their families and other support people to lead a contributing life and to engage productively in the community.

Call for submissions – now open

The Commission invites all interested people and organisations to make a submission to inform the Commission’s deliberations.

The submission process is designed to focus input to help the Commission to meet the review Terms of Reference and timeframes.It will also provide further evidence to inform the Commission’s consideration of (among other things):the efficiency and effectiveness of existing mental health services and programmeswhether existing services are being properly targeted, or are being duplicatedfunding priorities in mental health and gaps in services and programmes, in the context of the current fiscal circumstances facing governmentsexisting and alternative approaches to supporting and funding mental health carewhether programmes are being unnecessarily burdened by red tape.

The online tool will seek input on service gaps, duplication, inefficiency, unnecessary red tape and solutions.The call for submissions is open until 11.59pm AEST Monday 14 April 2014.Click here to make a submission. If you are completing the survey as an individual and are unable to make a submission online, you can print a copy of the survey and send a completed copy to the Commission at: PO Box R1463, Sydney NSW 2000 or email it document 53.9KBRead the Commission’s media release here.