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South Coast Food Local Produce Dinner

posted Aug 20, 2015, 3:29 PM by Sean Donovan

South Coast Food Local Produce Dinner

Forwarded by request of Justin Bunt, SCF Committee Member

 Hello South Coast Food Lover,

 South Coast Food is a producer run association which provides co-ordination for the networking, promotion, marketing (including not only to private consumers but restaurateurs and quality providores who are looking for product to stock) as well as professional development of the whole food industry on the South Coast (from Wollongong to the border!).

 We provide a one stop link - for consumers of all genres (restaurateurs, quality providores and any one who eats) to easily source high quality, local produce grown and produced on the South Coast, optimising the opportunities available to all our members.

 Through a number of planned events, including Region Specific Produce Dinners and Events we are endeavouring to bring together people who have a passion for high quality, locally sourced food - from people who shop at local farmers’ markets, through to the home baker, gardeners, growers and graziers and boutique operators producing great quality products on a smaller scale.

 Our Next Event

 What:   The Shared Table, showcasing food from the South Coast

Where: Ravensthorpe - 56 Tongarra Road, Albion Park             

When:  7pm, Friday 4th September 2015

Why:    Fabulous dinner to showcase local produce

 Cost:    South Coast Food Members $69.00 per person (Limit 2 per member)

                        General tickets $89.00 per person


Buy Tickets to The Shared Table here:

 Join South Coast Food here: - hint if you join first and then buy 2 tickets to The Shared Table you will save $40 - meaning membership is costing you just $15 with more discounts to come.

 We look forward to seeing you on this evening and at many of our future events.

 Locally sourced, fresh from the farm, and in seasonally yours,

 South Coast Food