Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Social Justice?

Social Justice encompasses both the Australian ethos of a "Fair Go" as well as the reciprocal responsibility that does not tolerate "bludgers".

It recognises every person as an individual with particular circumstances, needs and abilities.

Social Justice aims to overcome systemic and prejudicial behaviours that create disadvantage and prevent people having the opportunity to better themselves and contribute to society.

Is Social Justice the same as Social Work?

No. There can be some overlap, but Social Justice deals with the issue of creating a just and open society whereas social work is the more day-to-day help of the needy.

Who is responsible for Social Justice?

Everyone is responsible for social justice in their own actions, the actions of their workplace, sporting groups, and other organisations.

You can make a difference by ensuring that injustice is addressed where and when you see it.

Why do we need Social Justice?

Our legal, social, and government systems are complex, expensive, and do not deal with individuals as people. The underlying principle of many of these systems seems to be to stop 'cheats' and reduce cost rather than provide simple services.

In many cases people are just not able to engage with the complexity for a variety of reasons that may include education, physical or mental ability, illness, geographic location, transport, financial limitations, and a host of other causes.

Social Justice is needed to overcome these systemic failures and allow people to operate in society.

Where does Macarthur SJN Operate?

Macarthur Social Justice Network concentrates on the needs and issues affecting the Macarthur region to the South West of Sydney.